Corporate Social Responsibility

MBM’s philosophy centers on creating meaningful change through education and community welfare, exemplified by projects like “Paathshaala” and our support for Ashadan.

Driving Positive Change

At MBM, our resolute commitment revolves around creating meaningful societal contributions, particularly in the realm of education’s transformative power. In line with this ethos, we proudly present “Paathshaala,” a 900-square-foot pre-school nestled in Khardi, Shahpur – a tribal hamlet. More than just a building, Paathshaala symbolizes hope as an Anganwadi, fostering learning and growth.

Guided by educator Kusum Jain, this initiative nurtures young minds, igniting curiosity and dreams. Paathshaala stands as a sanctuary for 50 children, aged up to 6, offering a stepping stone into education. As these young minds flourish, we’re reminded of the immense impact small actions can have on shaping a brighter future.

Committed to lasting change, MBM erected Paathshaala, embodying our dedication to education. Furthering our commitment, we support Project Nanhi Kali for underprivileged girls’ education and contribute to Isckon Foundation’s Mid-Day Meals scheme. Together, we’re forging a better tomorrow.

MBM Leader's thoughts' on CSR

Recognizing that children are the cornerstone of our nation's future, we believe that education forms the bedrock upon which their promising futures can be built. In line with this vision, we are committed to making a significant impact, particularly among children aged from newborns to 5 years. Looking ahead over the next 10 to 15 years, our aspiration is to establish 50 such Anganwadi, positively impacting the lives of at least 500 children, as we strive to contribute meaningfully to their journey towards a brighter tomorrow.

Viren Reshamwala Founder & Managing Director


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